The Perfect Maternity Gown Does Exist!


July 11, 2021

If you are reading this, chances are you are pregnant and are trying to plan your maternity session – congratulations! What an exciting time! I know exactly how you are feeling, and bonus – I’m a photographer too. I can help you pick out the perfect maternity gown for your upcoming session!

How do you find the best maternity gowns for your photoshoot? There is no right or perfect answer, but I can offer you some guidance. First, close your eyes and imagine the perfect maternity shoot in your head. What dress did you see? What style are you envisioning? Most importantly, how will it feel on? Certainly, you must love the look but you must love the feel of the gown on as well.

There are lots of styles when it comes to gowns, each catering to a specific body type. Here in the studio we have an entire closet with options for you to choose from. Sizes, cuts, and material can all change the outcome of how a gown my feel and look on you. For this reason we feel its best to come in and try them on. We allow all of our client to schedule a dedicated time to see not only what look is best but also what feels best on.

Second – what color do you want? Do you want a color geared toward the gender? Furthermore, is there a color that is flattering on you? We have a variety of colors to compliment our expect mommies. I have to say our mustard color has become a big hit in the studio. The great news is we often utilize more than one gown during our session. Not only can we incorporate a few of your favorites but also we make sure to stick with the vision for the session. Color choices can depend on wether we are planning to photograph an outdoor setting or in studio setting.

I know all of this seems so overwhelming, and I know it can be! That’s why I am here – I ask these hard questions so you don’t see all of your gown options and feel overwhelmed. When we are done you will find the perfect maternity gown that no only looks great but feels great on.

Did you know all of our expecting mommies have access to our amazing professional hair and makeup services? We love to pamper our clients! Let get you scheduled for a consultation.

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