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July 9, 2021

“Little Sproutlings”

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I know you have heard of many “grow with me” baby plans, and most stop after year one … but your babies don’t stop growing after they are one! I have created a plan that keeps growing with your family; it doesn’t just stop after one year.

Babies first year goes by SO FAST you barely have time to think and register all the milestones your baby has achieved. There are so many at their one year mark – however there are so many more to go! The first major milestone that is usually photographed is babies “sitting” 6 month session. These are so much fun! We love seeing their new found skill of sitting. Food smashes have becomes big hit in studio during this session. You little will will “try” and conquer the skill of feeding themselves. This doesn’t quite go so well is the funnest part about it.

As the first year winds down we reach – cake smash time! I will be honest with you – I LOVE cake smashes. Most babies light up at the thought of ripping into the cake, and who can blame them? Our 1 year milestone sessions can be celebrated in many ways. Delicious cupcakes? YES! A set of donuts? YES! Watermelon slices? YES! This is when your kids start mimicking everything and develops their budding personality! Most people stop after that cake smash though, and it is SO IMPORTANT to keep getting in front of the camera. Did you know photograph can build a child’s self esteem?

Your child’s personality keeps developing into year 2, and that should be documented too.  That’s when interests REALLY start kicking in. The family bond has grown so much by this point. You should see the interactions between each family members as we photograph the entire family in year 2. That’s right the whole family! This is a milestone for everyone to enjoy. Little Sproutlings Plan provides you with a complementary family session sometime during your little ones second year. It is a family celebrations and we love being apart of it.

Photographs from these sessions will make special keepsakes of your little ones personality.

It’s also fun to look back as your child/ren get older and see them grow from infants on up – see how much their faces have changed or stayed the same, how much taller they have gotten, what has stayed the same and what has changed. That is my favorite part of these sessions too: I love seeing how much your babies have grown and turned into their own little person with likes and dislikes, their fun personalities, and any new siblings you’ve added along the way.

Do you want to find out more about our Little Sproutling Baby Plan? Head over to our investment page to read more about this fun filled package. You can also head over to see how our process works for all the details on our baby plan.

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